Repertoire was founded in 2009 when Law’s sophomore track “Sophine” found its way into the ears of Tobie and Phil @ Nu-Urban distribution. “Sophine” was very nearly signed to Phil’s Pristine Recordings imprint, but instead Law insisted it be released on a brand new label of his own entitled “Repertoire”.

After the release of REPRV001: “Sophine” b/w “Cloud Fairy” by Brighton’s X-Nation, Nu-Urban soon folded and Repertoire was left to fend for itself. After a few digital releases, including REPR003 by Dutch producers Infest & Quasi, the label soon wound down as Law focussed on the oldskool jungle resource Drumtrip. 

Criterion Records


Criterion Records was established in 2013 and is a record label which focuses on deep, atmospheric, and amenistic, Drum n’ Bass sounds.

Nothing more, nothing less than pure underground rollers, recorded strictly on limited edition 12”. In such a way Criterion aims to provide you with some of the finest high-octane Drum n’ Bass tunes. Its music style varies, in an effort to bring to your ears different styles, styles that we at Criterion acknowledge as the current trends in the Drum n’ Bass scene of today.

Soul Deep Recordings



Soul Deep has established itself as one of the hottest labels bringing quality Drum & Bass to all D&B lovers. The label features a number of talented artists and a diverse sound, with songs from many different styles of Drum & Bass. Whether it’s deep, liquid, jazzy, or atmospheric, Soul Deep is committed to releasing timeless songs that satisfy the Soul.

Horrific Recordings


Horrific Recordings is a Drum & Bass/Jungle, vinyl only label which hit the stores in 2014, based in East London. Horrific Recordings was founded officially on 15th of October, 2013 with the purchase of the new domain name Horrific Recordings is the invention of the label owner and urban artist, James Jessop, aka Horrific James.